Who We Are?

We are just a small company trying to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Our Mission

When we opened our doors, we made the decision to do the Right Things Right.

We are a Veteran Owned and Operated company that has decided to do something about the needs that are out there.  We reach out to Non-For-Profit Veterans organizations and donate to those who need our help.  Our commitment is to treat our customers and our employees  with respect and provide them with a commitment to excellence.  Together, we will make a difference for all those we have the honor to do business with.

We are also committed to leaving this world better then we found it by ensuring we give back to those who gave and continue to give selflessly.

We are creating and funding Higher Education Scholarships for our youth who want to reach for the stars, but just can’t afford the ladder.  Ask us about how youth in your community can qualify for one of our scholarships.

About Our Leadership

President and Founder, Mike Martin, served in the US Army Active Duty for 20 years as an enlisted soldier from 1980 though 2000.  Upon retiring, found his way into the electronic payment industry in 2001.  Starting as a door to door salesman and moving to management, and then  to running one of the industries largest sales organizations, he realized that there was so much more he could do.   The bottom line had to include giving back.  With that dream, Positive Payment Solutions was formed and began reaching out to Not-For-Profit Veterans organizations to donate and assist.  We see the war, but so often forget the warrior.  After the ‘Thank You For Your Service’, their lives go on.