Customized Service Plans


(For Credit Card Processing over Interchange)

Based on Monthly CC Volume

$0 – $20K  = Level 1

$20K – $40K = Level 2

$40K – $60K = Level 3

$60K – $80K = Level 4

$80K & More = Level 5

It's time to have Processing that is tailored to your business.

                                                          You Have Choices

*Merchant Rebate Program to reduce cost by 60% to 95% (Cash Discounting)

*Traditional and Interchange Plus pricing options.

*Simple Flat Program Fee based on your businesses volume.

     -Zero % over Interchange (cost), NO Basis Point added.

     -No Statement Fees

     -No additional Batch Fees

*Same Day Funding available, Next Day is our Standard.

*24/7 Service Support to assist you when you need it.

*PCI Compliance assistance and support.

*Free and Loaner Terminal Options

*Free and Loaner POS Options

*Low Cost Guarantee

*Your processing costs help those in need rather than just lining someone’s pockets.


Eliminates 60% to 95% of the Merchants Cost of Processing by simply passing the cost of the transaction to the cardholder.

For years the Merchant absorbed the cost of Rewards given to the cardholder and the Banks, but this program shifts that cost away from the Merchant and back to the cardholder, dramatically reducing the cost of processing for the Merchant.

Credit/Debit Card Processing

A tailored pricing program that actually fits your business, customers and types of cards you take to optimize the cost savings for your business.

Gift Card programs

A professional image for your business, and we can show you many ways to use them, from marketing cards by handing them out to refund cards as In-Store credit.

Business Loans/Cash advance

Fast access to the cash your business may need. Cash Advances at a much lower rate then our competitors.

Check Guarantee

If your business customer based is still using checks, you can eliminate trips to the bank and deposit hold times. A true time value service for a business owner.

Why positive payments solutions?

It comes down to who you want to work with.

  • 20+ years of experience working with businesses, we know your struggles and strive to assist with them.
  • We rely on our actions to speak for us. We put our money where our mouth is and donate a large portion of processing profits to Non-Profit Veteran's Organizations every month.
  • Solutions: A full Service suite of services for you and your business.

What You Get

You will always get what you are promised

  • Personal Service: Follow through from the time you are contacted. You will always get answers to your questions.
  • We treat you like our business relies on you....because it does.
  • Unsurpassed services and pricing. It does not have to cost more to have the best in the industry.
  • Peace of mind knowing you are helping others.